Mr. Edison Never Gave Up!


Thomas Edison dreamed of a lamp that could be operated by electricity and despite more than ten thousand failures  he stood by that dream until he made it a physical realty.  Practical dreamers do not quit.

 Copernicus, the great astronomer, dreamed of a multiplicity of worlds, and revealed them.  No one denounced him as “impractical” after he had triumphed.  Instead, the world worshiped at his shrine, thus proving once more that success requires  no apologies, failure permits no alibis. 

I cannot express this statement long enough, strong enough, or often enough..DO NOT QUIT! Set your mind on something and then go after it will all your heart, all your strength, and all your might.  Your mind needs to stay strong and focused.

You see,  in this industry success really comes down to four (4) main points:

  1. Mindset
  2. Traffic
  3. Conversion
  4. Duplication

As you can see, mindset is at the top of the list, so that will be the focus on the rest of this article.

According to,  mindset is “a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people…” A mindset can be a “philosophy of life”.  Knowing your philosophy of life is important.  Knowing what you believe in is important.  Knowing your purpose in life is important.  Knowing what you are passionate about is important.

Without understanding and focusing on something you are passionate about,  you will have a difficult time being successful in an internet marketing business.  Before attempting to market anything online, it is vitally important that you understand your passion and then set your mind firmly on it.

Set Out to Understand Yourself

 What do you think about, feel deeply about,  what do you desire out of life?  When you answer these vital questions, then it is simply a matter of making up your mind to focus on how to get what you want out of life.    Do you want to be successful?  What defines success for you?  You decide and then put on binders and focus intently on your desire.  The universe will then be at your beckon call.

You see, God created an amazing world for us to enjoy, and it is full of so much bounty.  We must focus on the parts we love and then go after  our heart’s desire.   Desire must always be followed with massive action.  Then, do as Mr. Edison did, make up your mind to never quit.  Do not be deterred by what is going on around you.  Do not let others influence your intent.  Stay focused and take action.  Keep a strong mindset.  Never quit!

Some people and perhaps most people do not really understand what they want out of life.  They hop from one job to another or if working with internet marketing, they hop from one marketing program to another without really focusing on any one idea.  There are so many ways to pull traffic to a site and a lot of those programs have good information, but if you just jump from one idea to another, you will more than likely never get anywhere.   You will need to set your attention on one way to market and learn how to apply that way effectively before learning another.  Learn, apply, reapply, learn, and stay focused.

The most successful people are those who structure their activities around their passion.  If you are passionate about something, you will more than likely do well.  If you are passionate about Facebook…you love to be on Facebook, then it would make sense for you to focus your mind, your attention, your desire, on learning how to market on Facebook.  If you enjoy making short films, focus on marketing your business on YouTube.  Or, set your mind on both, but learn one first.  Then when you master it, work on a second marketing strategy. Beyond all else, stay focused on your goals.  Do not keep changing directions.  Avoid letting the world’s distractions pull your time and attention away from your goal.  Organize your day.  Set a schedule and stick to it.  Focus most of your allotted time on high marketing strategies such as blogging, writing articles, training.  Then do the lower level task such as returning phone calls and answering emails after you finish your higher end task.  You can set 1-2 hours a day at the end of your day for the lower level tasks.  Then stick to your schedule.  Put on blinders…focus…focus…focus.

Mr. Edison had a Strong Mindset.

Mr. Edison was an inventor, and to invent anything, he had to focus on it.  He had a strong mindset.  He never let failure or anything derail him from his goal.

Train your mind and your mind will do amazing things for you.  Our minds are our masters.  If we let our mind stray, it will be difficult to be successful at anything.

Most of us are not really clear about our purpose in life or understand how to focus our attention or how to control our thoughts.   We let thoughts control us.   Our mind tells us we can never make it to the top.  It tells us to stop dreaming.  It says we are wasting  time.  Well, you control your thoughts, and you can redirect them.  When a negative thought pops in, just pop it right out.  Train yourself to do this task.  It works.  When you develop a strong mindset, and you will be better able to move forward.

The best way to build a strong mindset is to take a few moments each day to be still and use this quiet time to clear your mind of any and all distractions.  This will take a bit of practice at first, but with practice you will get better and better at stilling the dialogue in your head.  A lot of people use prayer and/or meditation as a way to quiet the mind.  A quiet mind allows God to talk to us in ways we can understand.  This quiet time will help you focus and refocus on your passion…discover what you really want out of life.  You will learn to understand your unique gifts, interests, and strengths.   You will be able to better understand what it is you need to focus on and what you should be doing to help you be more successful.  You will start creating your personal  philosophy in life, and then you keep building on that philosophy, that dream.

We have all been living far too long in a state of lack because we spend far too little time doing and not enough time dreaming, reflecting, slowing down and just letting life be.  It is time to reclaim your life, reclaim the God-given power you have, and take that first step into a future that can be richer and fuller than you ever thought it could be.  Get your mindset right, and you will get your life right.  It all starts with a powerful mindset, an amazing goal, and massive action.  Then rest will fall into place if you get this first part right.

Start to reach for the stars today.  Circle your thoughts around success.  Think about how you can be successful, what you can and want to do.  Then reach out and receive it.

Take a lesson from Mr. Edison.  Develop a strong mindset and never give up!  Never quit!

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