If you are like me, you  love sugar scrubs, especially for hands and feet.  I like to mix up the way I make sugar scrubs.  When I need to relax, I use lavender essential with the Sweet Almond Oil and/or Avocado oil or whatever carrier oil I wish to use at the time.  Some people are allergic to nuts, so be sure to avoid carrier oils that are nut based, which includes many of them.  If you are allergic to nuts, read all labels on essential oil blends carefully. Some blends use almond or coconut oils.  Those allergic to tree nuts must avoid those as well as other carriers.  Just stick to essential oils that are NOT blends and are not nut based.

Spiced Autumn Sugar Scrub

2.5 cups of Turbinado sugar

8 oz. carrier oil of your choice

15 drops of Citrus Fresh® or lemon essential oil

15 drops of Christmas Spirit® (A Young Living blend)

Directions: Combine oil and sugar in a bowl.  Add essential oils.  Divide sugar scrub into wide-mount glass jars (small ones).  Top with carrier oil.

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