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According to the EPA, the products you may be using can contain harmful ingredients.  These include, but are not limited to, laundry detergent, grease remover, beauty products, shampoos, hand soap, lipstick, cosmetics of all kinds, lotions,  and the list goes on.  Any product you purchases should be checked.  After you review the hazards of using the product, then you can decide if you wish to continue using it.  If the product rates 1 or 2 on the EWG website (click on link below), then you may be comfortable using the product.  Otherwise, it is up to each of us to make the best choice we can for the products we bring into our homes for our families to use, our pets, and ourselves.

Announcing EWG’s Updated Guide to Healthy Cleaning, Spring 2016


For beauty products, shampoos and the like, go to ewg.org/skindeep and search or look through their lists.

Don’t miss our live classes later this month (early fall 2016).  We will post dates soon for  DIY classes to make your own toxic free beauty and cleaning products, back to school products, and much more.   We will be hosting live classes in the area as well as Facebook classes.  Most information coming soon.


Make your own back to school study aids, hand cleaners, soaps, roller bottle oils blends for bedtime use and much more.  Classes coming soon.

And, did I mention that you can save $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ making your own products.  It is easy, simple, and very affordable. Lemon is a great one to use as is peppermint and other oils.  More post on how to make DIY with essential oils coming.

Shirleen Sando, Essential Oil Talk, Biblical Health Educator

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