DIY-Back to School-Germy Kid Hand Soap




I keep this Kid Hand Soap in my kitchen and backrooms all the time.  It is great for grown ups too.  I love to make my own DIY products.  They are chemical free, very inexpensive, and I know exactly what is in them.  I also rotate the kinds of soap I make.  Sometimes I use 10 drops of Thieves®, 1/4 cup Castile soap, 1 teaspoon carrier oil, and then fill the bottle with distilled water or purified water.  Shake and pour into soap pump container.    At other times, I substitute lemon or orange essential oil.  Both smell great and are powerful cleaners.   Mix it up and create your own great smelling, chemical free, and awesome cleaner hand soap.  No more chemicals on your kid’s hands.  Awesome!


Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator

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