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Could you do me a favor? Next time you buy toothpaste, could you read the label on the box? I’m curious, is there a warning on the label? Have you ever wondered why that warning is necessary?

Now have you ever wondered why that warning is important to your future financial freedom? Probably not! I never noticed the warning until somebody pointed it out to me.

And that is exactly my point. Everyday, I talk to people that care about their health (and their family’s health too) and about their wealth. They want to have the health, time, and money to achieve their dreams.

Here’s the way back to my introduction website: My Website. Do yourself a favor; make 45 minutes this week to investigate what this is all about.

If you would like to speak to me, just drop me an email with the best time to call or I can be reached in my home office at: 573-344-2723 or if you’d like to read a success story, please read Teri William’s story below.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regard,

Shirleen Sando
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My Website

573-344-2723- Home/Office

Teri Williams from Colorado and her three children.

“Go ahead and let yourself dream again….”

Shirleen SandoThe “Young Living” business opportunity has truly been an oasis for our family. We are using the highest quality products available in the market place. Simply by sharing these products with others, who buy from our store instead of the other store, our children have had opportunities most children only dream of…horse jumping lessons, opera and piano lessons, and European hiking trips!

Financial freedom to us has meant being able to enjoy creative thinking instead of survival thinking! Wow…life before Young Living was pale compared to the life we have now! I can hardly wait to get out of bed every morning, because it is so rewarding to work with positive people who know how to dream and whose desire is to fulfill their higher purpose in life.



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