A Little Fishy Told Me to “Just Keep Swimming”

Talia Joy Castellano passed away yesterday but her legacy lives on through the positive, loving life she lived.   If ever an angel came to Earth and then earned her wings, it was Talia Joy, an angel of light, love, and laughter.  Her positive energy lives with us now and while God chose to take this precious child home to live in the Heavenly Realm, she left a strong presence among us.  Even  through her death, she teaches us how to live, grow, and how to find joy in each day.

Many know Talia Joy by her appearance on the  Ellen DeGeneres  show and from her make-up tutorials.  To Talia Joy’s great delight, Ellen surprised this angel child when she told her she would be featured as CoverGirl on the popular magazine.  When Ellen ask Talia Joy how she stayed so positive knowing she had such a serious cancer, thirteen year old Talia Joy’s surprised the audience when the child  replied in a singing voice “that a little fish told her to just keep swimming…just keep swimming…just keep swimming,” a line Dory said from the Disney movie “Finding Nemo”.

Talia Joy is now swimming in a bigger sea, and we can be sure she is still smiling that angelic smile and she is still singing  “just keeps swimming.”

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