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Young Living’s Purity Promise


I don’t know about you, but Young Living’s Seed-to-Seal promise is just what I am looking for when purchasing an essential oil.   I trust the company, and I depend on them to continue to produce the best oils on the market today, all 100% pure therapeutic grade.  And, if you are still skeptical, you  can visit the farms and see first hand what they do.  Many help in the harvest yearly.

Seed Potential-verified for potential

Young Living’s believes and practices expert evaluation and partners with top researchers.

Young Living essential oils have proven potency and are selected for ability

Sustainable Methods

Gary Young, founder of Young Living, is dedicated to responsible growing and harvesting methods.  His attention to quality is unmatched and exceptional.

Superior Quality

Young Living experts travel and verify processes

Young Living provides ongoing oils that meets Young Living’s quality standards

Innovative Approaches

Young Living combines ancient and modern techniques when creating essential oils, ancient grains, and other products.  Re-discovering how the ancient peoples did things, Young Living experts have helped bring this forgotten knowledge to the forefront.  And, research is now proving that these ancient methods work.

Young Living’s proprietary techniques allow for gentle extracting of essential oils.

Cold pressing is used for select oils such as citrus oils which are extracted from the rind of the citrus.

Young Living never accepts diluted, cut, or adulterated oils.  They test in i-house labs and through third party facilities.  Their testing methods ensure superior results and purity.

Young Living farms use a process known as steam distillation to separate aromatic constituents (essential oils) om plant materials. This advanced method is used to protect the complex aromatic compounds found in essential oils. Review Young Living’s Seed to Seal seed-to-seal-handout

Young Living handles their products with car and bottles and labels them carefully.  Products are shipped to members worldwide.

Click here to review Young Living Farms  farms-handout

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Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator

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