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YOUNG LIVING’S NEW NingXia NITRO is the all-natural way to increase alertness, enhance mental sharpness, and fuel daily overall performance.  Infused with a wide range of powerful cognitive enhancers, NingXia NITRO includes a proprietary blend of pure black pepper, nutmeg, vanilla, chocolate, yerba mate, spearmint, and peppermint essential oils designed to boost your focus.

 Combined with this exclusive proprietary blend, Bioenergy Ribose improves physical performance, speeds up recovery, and increases overall energy reserves to keep you energized throughout even the longest days.

Other supportive ingredients, such as B vitamins, green tea extract, choline, and Korean ginseng, are added to sharpen the mind and invigorate the senses.

NingXia NITRO is the simple and convenient way to transform your life with increased focus and physical performance.

What do we recommend you do with your newfound energy?  Share it the Young Living way, of course.  In this day of heart-racing, jittery energy drinks that can do a lot of damage, now is the perfect time to let the world know there’s a natural, healthy alternative to boosting energy with NingXia NITRO (Item No. 3064).  Share it and watch your business boom!


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Shirleen Sando~Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator

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