Last night in Richmond, Virginia, a distributor asked me why Young Living focuses on whole-food nutrition and questioned why we spend so much time talking about it.

I thought I’d share some of that discussion with you.

While many of us recognize the need to eat well, a recent USDA study revealed most adults fail to consume even the minimum recommended amounts of some vitamins.  The majority of American women fall short

in their intakes of vitamins A, B6, E, and folic acid.

Many men fall short of the minimum daily values for vitamins A, B6, C, E, thiamine, riboflavin, and folic acid.

These findings are especially troubling because the government’s minimum recommendations for some nutrients may be below your body’s individual needs. For example, research shows that much higher levels of vitamin E may be necessary to achieve maximum benefits of this nutrient.

I recently read an article in Bottom Line Health titled, “What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Nutrition.” The author, Lisa Hark, PhD, RD tells us “for optimal health, the latest research calls for nine to thirteen servings [of fruits and vegetables] daily.”

She continues, “this dietary recommendation is linked to lower rates of serious diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, but few Americans learn about this from their doctors.”

The power of fruits and vegetables is in providing your body with essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and essential amino acids. With rare exceptions, your body cannot manufacture these nutrients on its own and must be obtained from a dietary source, namely fruits and vegetables.

Modern science has confirmed what common sense has told us for millennia: Your body needs good nutrition to function properly. Studies have shown that without key nutrients you body becomes more vulnerable to infection and illness. From your memory to your energy level, eyesight to mood, every aspect of your lifestyle is directly influenced by your diet.

This is why Young Living has invested so much time and so many resources in an open dialogue about nutrition. I look forward to your comments!




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Author: Jeremy Roberts
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