Recipes-Find Your Gameplan

These recipes are just a few of the ones you will want to incorporate into your daily life.  I will add to this file from time to time, so check back often and see what is new.  I will keep you updated as I put new recipes here.  Healthy recipes can taste good.  They can be nutrient dense without giving up taste.  Get your gameplan together.  Try these and other healthier dishes that dole up a dose of awesome taste.

Tender Einkorn Buttermilk Biscuits

Gotu Kola Benefits for the Brain

This is an amazing Youtube from Superfoods that I want to share with you because I found it so helpful.  Since I watched this video, I’ve been drinking Gotu Kola tea, with stevia and 1 drop per glass of Young Living Lemon Vitality Oil (which is a dietary supplement).  The lemon oil adds a lot of flavor to the tea.  It is delicious.

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Cocoa Mint Lip Balm DIY

Cocoa Mint Lip Balm

1 tablespoon Beeswax Pearls

1/8 cup fractionated coconut oil

1 tablespoon unrefrined cocoa butter

1/2 teaspoon raw honey

1 teaspoon cocoa powder

1/4 teaspoon vitamin E oil

10 drops peppermint essential oil




Combine  coconut oil and cocoa butter in a double boiler and heat on low heat for 20 minutes.  Add beeswax and stir well.  Once all is melted, remove mixture from heat and add honey, vitamin E, cocoa powder, and essential oil, stirring continuously.  Once mixed and smooth, fill lip balm tubers.  let cool for 3 hours. Enjoy

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Eating for Brain Health

I am working on a series of articles about how to keep your brain healthy, with some focus on the aging brain.  Everyday we make choices that can affect how the brain functions.  Some may not be aware that the brain is an organ, and exercise, meditation, nutrition, and essential oils affect the health of the brain.  Throughout this series, I will focus on which foods are best for the brain-these are sometimes called brainy foods.  The series will include topics such as eating smart for a healthier brain, how to boost your brain health, staying sharp, common vitamins and supplements for brain health, the aging brain,  the omegas and much more.  If you want to know more about the brain, keep watch for these post and share.  Take care of your brain.

Topic 1  Eating for  Brain Health

Most of us have heard about superfoods and probably eat them from time to time, but experts tell us that adding these foods to your daily diet will increase your odds of maintaining a healthy brain.  Everyone is more than likely aware that as we age chronologically, our body ages right along with our age.  However, we don’t need to succumb to brain aging as if there is nothing we can do to help ourselves.  Research is showing that you can increase your chances of maintaining a healthy brain well into your golden years if you add some of the superfoods to your daily eating habits.

Harvard Health Publications in an article entitled “Nutritional Psychiatry: Your Brain on Food”, points out that “Like an expensive car, your brain functions best when it gets only premium fuel. Eating high-quality foods that contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants nourishes the brain and protects it from oxidative stress — the “waste” (free radicals) produced when the body uses oxygen, which can damage cells.”

Brainberries: Blueberries is what Steven Pratt, MD, author of Superfoods RX: Fourteen Foods Proven to Change Your Life, calls these sweet little fruits brainberries and for a good reason.  Pratt, who is also on staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital in LaJolla, California, says that in “animal studies researchers have found that blueberries help protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.”  Other studies also show that when we eat plenty of blueberries, our capacity for learning improves.  Ann Kulze, MD, author of Dr. Ann’s 10-Step Diet: A Simple Plan for Permanent Weight Loss, recommends adding at least 1 cup of blueberries a day in any form—fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried.  So, we can eat blueberries to firm up our brain health and slim down our waistline.  Sounds like a winner to me.

Pomegranate juice also offers potent antioxidant benefits that may protect the brain from the damage of free radicals.  David Perlmutter, MD, author of The Better Brain Book states that “Probably no part of the body is more sensitive to the damage from free radicals as is the brain.”  Dr. Perlmutter is a board certified neurologist.  We’ve all heard of eating a colorful plate.  Blueberries and pomegranate  are certainly colorful and are important to add to our diets for brain wellness, and as we age, it seems it is more valuable than ever.


One of the reasons I love NingXia red so much is because it contains blueberry and pomegranate juice.  It is really an amazing drink.  When I don’t get a chance to eat a colorful plate the way I should, I take a 2 ounce shot of NingXia Red, and I’m on my way.  An amazing beautiful red colorful drink.




What is NingXia Red?

First off, NingXia Red is a superfruit supplement containing wolfberry, blueberry, pomegranate, apricot, plum, aronia, cherry, and raspberry juices with organic blue agave, grape pomace, vitamin C, grape seed extract, vanilla extract, pectin and lemon an orange essential oils. [1]

NingXia Red was created in 1993, by Young Living founder, Gary Young. It’s intended to boost overall health and increase energy levels. I do like the longevity of the company and the fact the drink uses all natural ingredients and that it is available on the official website.



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Did you ever have one of those days when your brain was going a hundred miles an hour? On those days, we know we need to slow down, but we just keep going and our brain keeps firing thoughts. By the end of the day, we are frazzled and tired, but when we go to bed, our brain is still full of the day’s chatter, and we can’t sleep, even though we are fatigued.

At these times, I especially like to use vetiver essential oil. Vetiver is calming and soothing.

Here are some of the ways to use Vetiver:

  • Apply to feet as part of a soothing massage
  • Apply to your neck and feet to promote a calm feeling
  • Vetiver is rich in sesquiterpenes, which gives it a grounding effect
  • Vetiver has a calming, grounding effect on emotions

According to David Stewart, PhD in The Chemistry of Essential Oils that sesquiterpenes delete bad information in cellular memory and are present in almost all essential oils. Dr. Stewart further states that they are the largest group of terpenes known naturally in the plant and animal kingdom.

Sesquiterpenes are larger than monoterpenes and are very viscous (less volatile) so they are often used as fixatives in the perfume industry. Viscous oils have a longer half-life and blend well with lighter, more volatile oils.  Vetiver is a thicker essential oil.  I generally mix about ¼ part carrier oil such as avocado oil or coconut oil with ¾ parts vetiver essential oil.  This mixture is easier to drop out of the top of the bottle.  If using a roller bottle, the oil is easier to flow.

Vetiver essential oil has a woodsy smell.  For the first couple of years when I used it, I added at least 8-10 drops of orange essential oil to a 5 ml bottle of vetiver essential oil, along with the carrier oil.  You can add additional drops of orange essential oil if you wish.  The orange gives the vetiver a more floral scent.

Orange essential oil is also calming and soothing, so the two work beautifully together.  The two oils combined make a prefect blend. At nighttime, apply 1-4 drops of the vetiver mixture on the bottle of each foot prior to retiring.  I never use vetiver essential oil in the daytime, but I do use it most nights.

Shirleen Sando is a Biblical Health Educator and an essential oil enthusiasts (member # 1220898).

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Are You Getting Enough Greens?

A lot of people are growing greens in pots on patios and in backyard gardens.

 Do you grow greens in your garden?  Do you dehydrate them as I do or freeze them, as I do?  I love my greens because they are just simply good for us, and there are some ways I really enjoy them.  One way is by mixing in a blender the following:  1 small green apple, about 5 frozen green grapes, and a small handful of spinach with my favorite water.  Sometimes I add a drop of pure therapeutic essential oil (one that says for internal use on the bottle).  Otherwise, I wouldn’t add it.  I love this drink.  When I am not getting greens from my garden or making a smoothie, I like to supplement my diet with MultiGreen capsules-a quick and easy way to ensure I am getting the greens I really need.  MultiGreens™ is a nutritious chlorophyll formula designed to boost vitality by working with the glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems.* MultiGreens is made with spirulina, alfalfa sprouts, barley grass, bee pollen, eleuthero, Pacific kelp, and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Shirleen is the host of Essential Oil Talk and is a Young Living Essential Oil enthusiasts (member # 1220898)  Message me with questions.



Shirleen is the host of Essential Oil Talk and is a Young Living member (#1220898)

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Love My Lavender

What is your favorite way to use lavender essential oil?

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) has a scent that’s a wonderful blend of fresh, floral, clean, and calm. It’s this dynamic aroma that has made the flower a classic for perfumes, soaps, fresheners, and beauty products. As one of our most popular products, Lavender oil is a great beginner oil and a must for every home.

Lavender essential oil isn’t just a favorite of mine because of its classic scent—it’s also highly versatile. I use it in my DIY skin care products and find it relaxing to rub on my temples prior to going to bed.  Many times I diffuse this wonderful oil since I love the smell, and it relaxes my mind and body.  Do you know the many uses for lavender? Continue reading

DIY-Where Did Our Soap Go?

Goat Milk Soap and Your Skin

A lot of us are wondering where our soap has gone. Most people purchase store-bought, name brand soaps probably because it is convenient to pick them up when shopping at the local supermarket or corner grocery store.  However, these commercially mass-produced soaps usually contain synthetic additives, which act as a detergent to remove dirt.  I’m not sure we can really call this stuff soap.  This product, more like a detergent, is often drying and irritating to the skin.  And, even the FDA  state that “Today there are very few true soaps on the market. Most body cleansers, both liquid and solid, are actually synthetic detergent products.”  Yuck!  Who wants synthetic detergent products to clean your child’s face or body or your body or face for that matter?  Sure, these products make loads of white fluffy suds, but I can forgo those bubbles for a more natural approach to skin care.  We used to call the stuff we cleaned our face with soap.  Now, I don’t know what you call it.  Personally, I, like millions of others, have taken control and have gotten my soap back.


Some suggests that mass produced soap products are destructive silent killers. Much research proves these products can contain hormone disrupting phthalates and triclosan (TCS), which the FDA has banned. “In September 2016, the FDA announced that effective September 2017, it would prohibit the sale of ‘consumer antiseptic washes’ containing triclosan or 18 other ingredients marketed as antimicrobials due to FDA findings of the lack of efficacy in these products.  Triclosan was used as a hospital scrub in the 1970s.  Since then, it has expanded commercially and is now prevalent in soaps, deodorants, toothpastes, mouthwashes, cleaning supplies, and pesticides.  It is part of consumer products, including kitchen utensils, toys, bedding, socks, and trash bags”. (Wikipedia)  In an article from May 2015 on the current status of tricolsan, Gurprett Singh Dhillon and colleagues cite various studies that report, “emerging health concerns related to the use of TCS such as microbial resistance, dermal irritations, endocrine disruption, higher incidence of allergies, altered thyroid hormone metabolism and tumors developed due to TCS and its by-products.”  (Wikipedia).  Whoa!  Why take the chance with these products?  Personally, I prefer skin products that avoid anything but ingredients I know how to pronounce such as goat milk, honey, essential oils, and similar natural foods.

Mass-produced commercial soaps can also harbor heavy metals and toxic surfactants. Consumers are opening their eyes wide and realizing these products can be dangerous. As consumers become more wary of mass-produced products, many people are quickly switching to all natural, organic products.  But, don’t be fooled by the words natural or organic. The terms natural and organic can be problematic, so read labels carefully and ask questions. One way to purchase what is really pure and natural is to buy goat’s milk soap.  Just check labels and always asks questions. If you purchase this soap wisely or make your own, you can be assured it is pure and natural in every way possible.


Another problem with mass-produced soap is the wide-spread use of SLS.  SLS goes by many names. Sodium lauryl sulfate is just one.  You see SLS in all kinds of soap products, including face and skin soaps.   Dr. Mercola’s website states that  “What you put on your skin can be more dangerous than what you eat”.  “…hair sprays, perfumes and powders can be inhaled, irritating your lungs;  shampoo can run into your eyes or your baby’s eyes; laundry detergent, in small amounts, comes in contact with your skin via your clothes”.  He goes on to state that “Your skin is vital to your health, yet many people fail to take care of it.  Because your skin has the ability to absorb much of what you put on it, informed choices are critical to optimize your health”.  You can visit Dr. Mercola’s website for more information regarding SLS and health risks.

A 1983 report from the Journal of The American College of Toxicology blamed sodium lauryl sulfate concentrations as low as 0.5 percent for causing skin irritation. It further states that this chemical has “a degenerative effect on the cell membranes because of its protein denaturing properties”.  The Journal adds that “high levels of skin penetration may occur at even low use concentration”.

Other studies show that 10-30 percent concentrations could cause severe skin corrosion. The “Household Products Directory” of the National Institutes of Health lists over 80 products that contain concentrations of up to 30 percent of sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. As you use these products daily, they can affect the skin’s outer layers and since what you put on your skin absorbs into your skin, it is then stored in tissue. It has been reported that the liver has no way to effectively remove  laureth, so it can be stored in tissues and promote toxicity for a person’s entire lifetime (

Another problem with commercially mass-produced soap is the often additions of synthetic fragrance. Fragrance is a broad term. According to the FDA, synthetics do “not have the same legal authority to require allergen labeling for cosmetics as for food. So, if you are concerned about fragrance sensitivities, you may want to choose products that are fragrance free, and check the ingredient list carefully. If consumers have questions, they may choose to contact the manufacturer directly. “

And, the picture gets worse.  Regulations allow companies to avoid listing the individual fragrances a product contains.  This is especially dangerous for those with allergies, and synthetic fragrances are disruptive to the body and, in my opinion, are to be avoided  as much as is possible. You probably will never get rid of all of them, but it seems a wise choice to reduce those you can.

The FDA Further States that,

  • “there currently is no evidence that over-the-counter (OTC) antibacterial soap products are any more effective at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water.” And, that isn’t the end of the story.
  • “…antibacterial soap products contain chemical ingredients, such as triclosan and triclocarban, which may carry unnecessary risks given that their benefits are unproven.” Even the EPA regulates the use of triclosan as a pesticide.  With the recent ban on triclosan because the FDA believes it is a harmful pesticide, tricolsan in antibacterial soaps and other products will start going away.  But, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a better alternative…just a different one that later can have the same tragic results.
  • There are indications that certain ingredients in these antibacterial soaps may contribute to bacterial resistance to antibiotics and may have unanticipated hormonal effects that are of concern to the FDA.”

In light of the potential harmful effects of popular brands of commercially mass-produced soap products, you might want to consider a more natural and better alternative, and while there are many, one certainly is soap made with goat’s milk.  Thankfully, goat milk soap is gaining popularity because it is an amazing soap for people with dry or sensitive skin. And those with eczema and psoriasis are finding firsthand the benefits.

Purchasing goat milk soap from reputable small businesses or those you trust making it, can also help the economy grow. Those who make it and sell it are often small farm owners who raise goats and produce these amazing soaps as a way to help financially support themselves.  When you purchase from them, you are helping them and helping your skin at the same time.

Those mass produced chemical soaps are popular mainly because of price, but they aren’t worth the negative, long-term draining of your energy. or health.  To save money, you can make your own goat milk soap.  There are dozens of recipes on the internet.  I plan to try to whip out a batch soon.

And, even if you can’t make it, you may be like me and believe it is more important than ever to spend the extra dollar here and there to assure you are getting what is really natural and pure., but cost is always a factor. Small farmers and manufacturers of all natural products are the future for a population which seeks to survive healthily and happily.  Personally, I make all kinds of DIY products for our use, including our body and face wash.  I just currently haven’t made them with goal milk soap.

The Benefits of Goal Milk Soap

  1. Water-based soaps often use harsh chemical acids to break down dead skin cells and often leave skin dry and irritated. Goat milk soap, on the other hand, is made with goat milk and, therefore, contains naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid which help break down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together allowing you to naturally remove them as you wash your skin. When dead skin cells are broken up and washed away, the new cells left on the skin’s surface leaves the skin looking younger and feeling smoother.
  2. Goat Milk Soap is also high in Vitamin A, which medical studies show is needed to repair damaged skin tissue and to maintain healthy skin. And, if you want to look younger, as most women do, several medical studies show that creams made with Vitamin A reduce lines and wrinkles, control acne, and provide some psoriasis relief. Goat’s milk is also packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins like vitamin D, C, B1, B6, B12, and E, that feed the skin and are absorbed into the body. Women spends billions annually to find products that promise to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  And, the answer more than likely comes right off the farm-goat milk.  When using products such as goat milk soap that helps us look younger or have smoother and softer skin, our self- confidence is boosted. With renewed confidence, we just feel good about ourselves and  are more apt to face our day with charm and grace.
  3. Since cream contains fat molecules, it makes good soap. Goat milk has a high fat content which can help hydrate the skin. For those suffering from dry or sensitive skin, goat milk soap would be a wise to use. Keeping skin moisturized with natural ingredients such as goat milk soap will naturally keep the skin moisturized and healthy.
  4. Goat milk also contains important minerals for the skin such as selenium. Selenium is believed by scientists to play an important role in preventing skin cancer. Selenium can also help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun. Although the water used in other soaps may contain minerals such as calcium, sodium, or iron (commonly found in tap water), that’s not much help when it comes to your skin.
  5.  Another big benefit of goal milk soap is the addition of essential oils. If you make your own goat milk soap, you can add your favorite essential oils to the soap, and you then control the kind of essential oil you use.  Personally, I would add lavender, frankincense, or other essential oils that I enjoy.   Essential oils distilled properly and produced in the best way increase the soap’s benefit tenfold.  For example, frankincense and lavender are both known to be skin beautifying, so why not use them naturally in your soap?  When washing your face or your skin, your skin drinks in all the natural goodness.

Essential Oil Benefits

Lavender essential oil has been used for thousands of years and many consider it to be the most  loved and most used essential oil.  It is generally regarded as safe and gentle.  Lavender oil is distilled from the plant’s flowering tops and leaves.  If you grow lavender in your garden, you know how amazing it looks and smells.  Lavender oil is thought to be calming and relaxing and some research suggests that it benefits skin cell rejuvenation.

Frankincense essential oil has long been known for it’s skin protective and beautifying properties.  Frankincense is a Biblical oil, since it was mentioned many times in the Bible, and it was the one of the oils brought to the Christ at his birth.  Frankincense is also known for it’s ability to regenerate aging skin and may keep wrinkles at bay.

So the next time you wash your child’s face or your own, think about what you are using to clean your skin.  Is it a synthetic detergent? Or, is it something soothing to the skin that offers many additional benefits?

So, go out there and get your soap back?  Rebel against those big companies that package and sell synthetic detergent in a bottle and call it body wash or soap. Then take pride in your choice. You will love yourself for making such a wise decision.


Shirleen Sando



Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator, #essential oil enthusiasts


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Sources for this article include:

MSDA Data Sheet for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate



Tender Einkorn Buttermilk Biscuits

Tender Einkorn Buttermilk Biscuits?

 front Ancient sat final

 Are You New to Einkorn Flour?

When in a hurry and need to get dinner on the table quickly, I put stew or soup in the crock pot at noon and turn the crock pot on high. Around 5-6 hours later, the soup or stew is steaming and ready to eat.  When noodles are needed, such as in Chicken Noodle Soup, I cook and add them right before eating. To go with these dishes, there is nothing more heart-warming than a hot, flaky biscuit on a windy and cold winter day, especially when teamed with a homemade bowl of healthy soup.  Personally, for the taste and nutrition,  I love making biscuits with Einkorn flour.


About Einkorn

Gary Young in Ancient Grains reminds us that “Einkorn is the original “staff-of-life” grain, known as the oldest variety of wheat that dates to the beginning of time.  Einkorn’s natural genetic code and low gluten levels make it a superior choice because of the compatibility with the human body when compared to the modern hybrid wheat of today”.

Buttermilk Biscuits made with Einkorn flour are tender and flaky. They are higher in nutrition and lower in gluten.  As I point out in my cookbook Ancient Grains: Einkorn, Spelt, and Quinoa, Einkorn flour offers a higher percentage of protein and a lower percentage of starch when compared to commercial wheat varieties, with Einkorn containing 18 grams of protein per 100 grams (USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference).  We all need protein to build new cells, maintain tissues, and synthesize new proteins, and non-animal based protein is important to obtain.” And since Einkorn grains have less starch than commercial wheat, what’s not to like about that?  When making a baked item such as a biscuit where I want that extra tenderness, I combine 100% whole-wheat Einkorn with another grain that has less bran such as white Spelt.

Since I prefer fresh ground flour, I grind whole-grain Einkorn grains and keep small bags of flour in the freezer for ready use.  Fresh ground Einkorn grains keep all the bran intact, which sometimes can produce a heavier baked item.  By combing whole-grain Einkorn with white Spelt, baked goods are lighter and more tender than they would be using 100% Einkorn whole-grain flour. However, there are many recipes in my cookbook that use 100% whole-grain Einkorn without other flours being added.  It really is a matter of taste, preference, and what you are cooking or baking.


Keep in mind that some Einkorn flour on today’s market shelves may have much of the germ removed.  Be sure to purchase whole-grain Einkorn flour if you are wanting the entire germ and bran intact.   Young Living makes Einkorn Flour that retains all of the bran.

If using an Einkorn flour with most of the bran removed, you can use it almost the same way you would all-purpose white flour, with a few minor adjustments, but you will be missing some of the essential nutrients.  When adding 100% whole-grain Einkorn flour to other lesser nutrient dense flours, you are putting back part of what has been removed, so your baked items get a vitamin and mineral boost.  Your body needs those essential nutrients to run like a smooth-purring machine.


You can research and find tips and tricks on ways to cook with Einkorn flour online or check them out in my cookbook.

Biblical Grains

Einkorn and Spelt and are  Biblical grains. Biblical grains were given to us by God and are unaltered by humans. Of course, grains naturally hybridize, but modern scientists have had a strong hand in changing the structure of what is known as modern wheat.  Do a little research or read my book for more information and then decide for yourself what kind of wheat you wish to eat or what kind of wheat flour you wish to use in baking and cooking.   Modern wheat has more gluten and starch and is generally much more difficult to digest.

Einkorn is rich in beta carotene, thiamine, minerals, fiber, and much more.  Getting back to the original grains God put on this earth is the best way to give your body the important nutrients it needs.

It is sad, but modern white flour has been changed so much, one can hardly call it wheat.  It is very different than the original Einkorn wheat used during ancient times.  Most all-purpose flour sold on supermarket shelves today has been made with wheat that has been chemically sprayed and chemically bleached. Please research the bleaching process and then decide for yourself if you wish to eat flour that has been sprayed with chemicals and bleached.  Many of the bleaching agents used in mass-produced flour are banned in other countries, but are still allowed in the United State. Even whole-wheat flour has still been sprayed with chemicals and has been hybridized. This is  NOT natural hybridization. It has been artificially produced.  The end result is a less favorable flour than was originally used by our ancestors.

My best advice is to know how your food has been handled and prepared and then make the best choice you can make for you and your family. Personally, I love baking with Einkorn flour because it is delicious and nutritious,  so I like to experiment with it.  I’ve make dumplings, pies, muffins, cookies, breads, and all sorts of baked items.

Try Einkorn grains and flour  and see if this Biblical wheat makes sense to you.  When used correctly, the taste is amazing and the health benefits are worth the change.



Buttermilk Biscuits


1-1/2 cups white Spelt flour

1/2 cup whole-grain Einkorn flour

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

1 tablespoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

6 tablespoons cold butter, cut into small cubes

*1 cup buttermilk


Preheat oven to 450 degree

In a bowl, whisk Spelt flour, Einkorn flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt.

Cut in the cold butter.  The mixture will resemble course cornmeal.

Slowly stir in buttermilk.  Gently push dough together to form a disk.

Pat to about 1 inch; cut with biscuit cutter

Place biscuits on greased baking sheet

Bake 10-12 minutes or until lightly golden brown and baked on the inside.





Shirleen is the host of Essential Oil Talk and is a Young Living Essential Oil enthusiasts (member # 1220898)

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Shirleen is the author of Ancient Grains: Einkorn, Spelt, and Quinoa

Biblical Health Educator, #Essential Oil Enthusiasts

Recipe courtesy of Ancient Grains.  You can reprint as long as the author’s tagline and name of the book are included).

*Note:  Young Living sells whole-grain Einkorn flour.

















What Are You Snacking On?

Daily EO Talk and Healthy Living:



Today’s Topic:

What is Your Favorite Between Meal Snack?

Snacking gives us the chance to fuel our body between meals. And, healthy snacks can help rev metabolism and keep hunger at bay.  As a plus, if the right snacks are eaten, we have the added benefit of extra vitamins and minerals.  Here are some of my favorite snacks.

What are yours?

Nuts: Such as cashews, walnuts, and almonds are a crunchy way to add more protein and healthy unsaturated fat to your diet. If eaten in moderation, they add a host of healthy nutrients as well. Most nuts contain about 6 grams of protein per 2-ounce serving., along with a host of important vitamins and minerals.  Personally, I love walnuts. With only 4 grams of carbs per ounce, walnuts give me quick on-the-go energy and help starve off hunger.  Best of all, they give me a hefty dose of mega-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

As a tip, when purchasing nuts, opt for salt-free to keep your sodium intake in check. As an option to salted nuts, purchase the unsalted nuts and bake them in a low temperature oven on a sheet pan. Sprinkle with spices such as cinnamon or chipotle pepper or whatever spice you prefer. Once cooled, store these little goodies in small ziplock bags in the freezer for ready-to-eat-on-the go treats.  If you prefer a bit of salt, sprinkle the nuts lightly prior to baking. Pre-packaged, salted nuts are often over loaded with salt and sometimes preservatives.

Frozen Grapes: My granddaughters taught me about the goodness of frozen grapes. They are, indeed, a delicious and satisfying little tasty sweet treat. These subzero little poppers provide a surprising burst of flavor in your mouth that can help quell afternoon sugar cravings. Frozen grapes stay soft and creamy on the inside, so they make the perfect snack. Additionally, I keep frozen green grapes in the freezer to flop into green smoothies. To freeze grapes, wash them and spread whole grapes in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze.  Pop them off the tray and store in ziplock bags in the freezer.

Bananas: These golden babies are a naturally prepackaged sweet you can take anywhere. And, bananas have the added benefit of cramp-preventing potassium. I personally enjoy eating a banana most days and love the nutritional boost. Bananas, like most fruits, are not only a nutritious snack to eat between meals, but they are as delicious as grapes are in smoothies.

If you are a Young Living members, you probably already enjoy Slique® Bars as a safe, delicious weight-management snack that utilizes a dual-target approach to help manage satiety. Now this innovative bar is coated in delicious dark chocolate! Yum.

To support any weight-management plan, Slique Bars are loaded with exotic baru nuts and wholesome almonds, which promote satiety when combined with protein and fiber. Young Living also uses a potato skin extract that, when ingested, triggers the release of cholecystokinin in the body, increasing the duration of feelings of fullness. *


If you are looking for a way to snack your way to weight loss, try Slique Bars.  These yummy bars deliver essential nutrients from a unique superfruit blend of goldenberries and wolfberries, plus pure Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Orange essential oils. This dual-target satiety approach and medley of exotic fruits, nuts, and potato skin extract create a nutritious, stimulant-free snack to help you feel fuller, longer.

These bars are,
• High in fiber
• Gluten-free
• No trans fat
• No preservatives

Who Should Use the Chocolate-coated Slique Bar?
• Individuals interested in an innovative tool to assist as part of a weight-management program
• Individuals interested in adding fiber to their diet
• Families interested in a convenient snack bar option

Consume before or between meals with 12 oz. of water to help manage hunger. As with any weight-loss product, this formula is designed and intended for use with a sensible program of diet and exercise. Individuals who may be sensitive to high-fiber diets should exercise care when consuming more than 2 bars daily. I limit my intake to 1 bar. Please consult a health professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise regimen.

Shirleen is the host of Essential Oil Talk and is a Young Living Essential Oil enthusiasts (member # 1220898). She is a Biblical Health Educator and hosts essential oil and healthy living classes.


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Joel Osteen published a book entitled Every Day A Friday Journal: How to Be Happier 7 Days a Week.  I’ve been working my way through the book, and it really has helped me to be more insightful.  I love Osteen’s many scriptures, inspirational quotes, stories, prayers, and points for reflection.

Osteen writes many passages he calls “Key Truth”.  In one he states, “God will always bring the right people into your life, but you have to let the wrong people walk away.  The right people will never show up if you don’t clear out the wrong.”  Think about that passage for a while and see how or if it fits into your life.  Most of us have had people come and go in our lives.  Sometimes the parting might be painful.  At other times, the separation may bring relief.  Either way, always focus on God and his word.  He will bring what is right and good into your life.  Keep that thought in your mind and say it aloud when praying alone.   Pray daily to God and meditate on his word.  He will hear you.

Osteen goes on to remind us what Steve Jobs said. “Time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”  Osteen reminds everyone to “Follow your heart and your intuition”.  Seek and find truth in your life.  Everyday is the only day you are really given, and I believe God wants us to make the most of it.  Climb for the top, but don’t forget to stop and help others alone the way.

Keep a journal, and see how to can make every day count.  Write down your thoughts either in the morning or prior to going to bed.  You may be amazed at what comes to you.  Or, purchase Osteen’s book.  He provides places to journal in each chapter.

Shirleen Sando



Shirleen Sando, Biblical Educator and #Essential Oil Enthusiasts


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This spray is lovely and warm.  It makes me relax just smelling it.  



Warm Vanilla Room Spray


DIY Recipe


2 tablespoons Vanilla Extract

6 drops Orange Essential Oil

5 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil

5 drops Clove Essential Oil

Distilled Water

Directions:  Add vanilla extract and essential oils to a glass spray bottle.  Fill the remainder of the bottle with distilled water.

Seal with sprayer top and shake well.  Enjoy.

Note: Be sure to use a glass spray bottle since essential oils eat up plastics and you will breath harmful chemicals.

Always use glass for storing essential oils.




ShShirleen Sandoirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator,

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Limiting Beliefs

Do you have limiting beliefs that are stopping you from getting what you desire from life?  When we harbor limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind, we are placing limits on ourselves.  If you feel fear, your Amygdala in the brain actually releases chemicals of fear, doubt, and anxiety.  These chemicals can be released simply by you FEELING fear.  The fear may be real or it may be imagined.  The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.  It holds all thoughts, words, images, and feelings as real.  You can easily see why it is so important to take control of your subconscious mind-to plant only positive thoughts, words, feelings, and images in it. The old saying, “you are what you think about” is as true as “you are what you eat”.

Think about that for a moment.  If you desire to be successful, and you believe that success is for others and not for you, then what do you think your chances of being successful are?  Slim to none.  Sometimes negative childhood memories are buried in our subconscious and unknowingly keep us from realizing our life’s purpose and dreams.  You may not be aware of these negative images, but they are affecting you, regardless.  You see, we all grew up with some negativity in our lives.  Our parents, teachers, and friends weren’t mean.   They just didn’t understand that their words were sometimes hurtful and that sometimes those words or actions would influence us for the rest of our lives, that is, if we fail to rid ourselves of them.   Sometimes, people said things to us when we were younger to protect us, or at least the people who said them saw it that way.  Did anyone ever tell you that you weren’t smart enough to do something or all rich people are out for themselves or any dozen of other words parents, friends, teachers or others might have said?  Maybe the person thought you were dreaming too big.  Well, dream big.

To achieve your heart’s desire, you simply must work to get those old buried programs out of your subconscious mind and replace them with new, positive ones.  You can fulfill your life’s purpose.   You can reach any goal.  I’m not saying, a fairy godmother is going to wave a wane over you and give you what you desire or that you instantly materialize anything you think.  If that were true, if you thought about a two headed monster, it could come forth and eat your lunch.  Thankfully, it doesn’t work that way.  But, I am saying that your subconscious will give you what it has buried inside.  Place positive words, thoughts, feelings, and images deep inside your subconscious and receive positive energy from God’s glorious Universe.  Repetition is the key.

Once you harness the power of the subconscious mind and start to change the programming of the subconscious mind, your life will change.  You will start manifesting your heart’s desires.  It is, however, important to deal with the root of the problems and to eliminate limiting beliefs.  Pay attention to your every thought, word, action, feeling, and image.  You may have to be quiet for a few moments and listen to yourself.  If a negative thought, word, action, feeling, or image pops into your mind, immediately push it away.  Say out loud, if possible, “Go away,” and really mean it.  Then replace the negativity with something positive.  Over time, your subconscious will be full of powerful positive words, thoughts, and images.

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Shirleen Sando, Author, Biblical Educator, and Essential Oil Business Builder

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Spiced Autumn Sugar Scrub


If you are like me, you  love sugar scrubs, especially for hands and feet.  I like to mix up the way I make sugar scrubs.  When I need to relax, I use lavender essential with the Sweet Almond Oil and/or Avocado oil or whatever carrier oil I wish to use at the time.  Some people are allergic to nuts, so be sure to avoid carrier oils that are nut based, which includes many of them.  If you are allergic to nuts, read all labels on essential oil blends carefully. Some blends use almond or coconut oils.  Those allergic to tree nuts must avoid those as well as other carriers.  Just stick to essential oils that are NOT blends and are not nut based.

Spiced Autumn Sugar Scrub

2.5 cups of Turbinado sugar

8 oz. carrier oil of your choice

15 drops of Citrus Fresh® or lemon essential oil

15 drops of Christmas Spirit® (A Young Living blend)

Directions: Combine oil and sugar in a bowl.  Add essential oils.  Divide sugar scrub into wide-mount glass jars (small ones).  Top with carrier oil.

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Holiday Cooking with Young Living Essential Oils

From the Kitchen of Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator and Young Living Independent Distributor-# 1220898

This potato recipe makes 12 services, so if you need less, just cut it down.  The recipe calls for 1 drop black pepper vitality essential oil for 12 servings.  For a smaller recipe, just dip a toothpick into the oil a couple of times and rub it through the potatoes.  Stir with a smooth.  Add the oil to taste.


12 servings


5 lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes, peeled and diced

1-1/2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

3/4 cup heavy cream

6 tablespoons butter

3 tablespoons milk

2 drops rosemary vitality™

1 drop black pepper vitality™



Peel, dice, and boil potatoes for 20-23 minutes or until soft

Drain potatoes and place in bowl with butter

Allow butter to melt and then add cream

Mash potatoes thoroughly until desired consistency, adding milk as needed

Stir in essential oils, garlic, and then add salt to taste

Place in serving bowl and serve warm.

Serves 12

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Autumn Diffuser Blends

Lift Up Your Room with Essentials Oils.

Autumn is the perfect time to bring spices into your life.  Use these diffuser blends in your home or office.Printffice to warm up the smell of things.  Who doesn’t love the smell of cardamon, orange, cinnamon, clove, ginger, or orange wafting through the room.   Try one of these today.  My favorites are Pumpkin Pie, Spiced Cider, and Snickerdoodle.  You can pick your favorite, but honestly, if you are like me, you will love all of them.  Warm up your room today.

You might always want to check out my roller ball blend recipes.  Click on this link:

Give them a try today!

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thyrominThyromin™ is a special blend of porcine glandular extracts, herbs, amino acids, minerals, and therapeutic-grade essential oils in a perfectly balanced formula that maximizes nutritional support for healthy thyroid function.* The thyroid gland regulates body metabolism, energy, and body temperature.

How to Use

Take one to two capsules daily, immediately before going to sleep.

Keep in a cool dry place. Do not expose to excessive heat or direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.

(Source Young Living website)

You should always be proactive when it comes to your wellness program.  Ensure your thyroid is getting the proper amino acids and minerals that it needs to support a healthy wellness regimen.

And, please consult a medical professional. The information on this page or this website is not a substitute for medical evaluation.

There are several natural ingredients as well as four essential oils in Thyromin™

There are several natural ingredients as well as four essential oils in Thyromin™.

Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl acetate and as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate) – Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant.

Kelp – Kelp is a natural ingredient whose main component is iodine.

Adrenal and Pituitary Extracts (Argentina bovine source) – Provides support to healthy glandular function.

CoQ10 – Enzyme is used by every cell in the body to convert food to energy.




L-cysteine HCL

Magnesium carbonate

Essential Oils Used in the Supplement:

Spearmint Essential Oil (Mentha spicata) is rich in carvone and d-limonene, may help calm occasional nausea. Blend with Peppermint oil for digestive system support. May support respiratory health.

Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita ) is one of the most highly regarded herbs for supporting normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comforts. Peppermint essential oil is also a key oil in the Raindrop Technique.  It is used to help the other oils deepen.

Myrtle Essential Oil (Myrtus communis) is supportive of the respiratory system, skin, and hair. It has been researched for its effects on glandular imbalances. It has a long history of being helpful for meditation and lifting the spirit.  Myrtle is one of the Oils of Ancient Scripture and is mentioned in the Bible and was used during Biblical days.  In the Bible, Esther’s name is “Hadassah,” which is Hebrew for Myrtle.  Scriptures: Nehemiah 8:15; Ester 2:7; Isaiah 41:19; Zechariah 1:7-11.

Myrrh Essential Oil (Commiphora myrrha) is another Oil of Ancient Scripture.  In fact, Myrrh is the most frequently mentioned oil of the Bible, 156 times to be exact.  When we read of the wise men in Matthew 2:11, myrrh was among the gifts offered.  Mary would have particularly smiled at the gift of myrrh knowing it was also meant for her and the new baby Jesus.    Myrrh is the first oil to be mentioned in the Bible (Genesis 37:25) in the story of Joseph.  When Joseph’s jealous brothers wanted to kill him,k a caravan happened by, so they chose to sell him into slavery.  The caravan was carrying “balm and myrrh”.  It has a long history of being a very powerful antioxidant which may support healthy skin.

(Source – Healing Oils of the Bible,  David Stewart PhD).

For more information, please research David Penoel M.D. information regarding myrtle and thyroid.

Safety First

Note about animals: Certain oils can be very toxic to cats when they are not therapeutic grade. Citrus products and oils in particular. Please consult your vet if you are not sure about applying any essential oil to your pet or giving an essential oil supplement to your pet.

I only recommend using Young Living Oils on animals at this time and then only certain ones in very small doses and diluted.  Always consult with a professional.

If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.

Here is where I order this product.  Click on the link and then the Young Living link    You can sign up as a member or a distributor.  Distributors receive a 24% discount.  The best value is to order the Premium Starter Kit to be a distributor.

If you already have a sponsor or someone has talked to you regarding Young Living, contact that person.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Products and information on Experience Essential Oils and Shop are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent ANY disease.

A decision to use/not use this information is the sole responsibility of the reader.

Please see your vet, doctor or health care professional for medical evaluation for yourself or your animals.


Shirleen, Biblical Health Educator, Enrollment # 1220898




Sando MLM SuccessHere is a partial list of compliance words that you can use when discussing Young Living.  Study and enjoy!   Personally, I’m so happy we can talk about positive things like wellness, purpose,  and overall health.  In the past, we focused far too much on negatives words such as sickness and disease.  As Shannon Hudson reminds us, we now have the opportunity to focus on what is really important to us-wellness, purpose, and abundance.  These words rock!

List compiled by: Diamond Thomas Reed via Young Living website Product Page

• Long-lasting energy support

• Reinforces systemic defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus, promotes healthy respiratory function

• Revitalizing

• Helps with normal, overall cardiovascular health and function.

• Improves on a positive outlook and enhances mood. • Supports the nervous system and aids in normal digestive Function.

• Helps internal enzyme reactions that control circulation,

• Hormones and overall health.

• Supports proper nutrient absorption for needed energy control.

• Supports cardiovascular and skeletal health

• Supports normal, healthy brain function • Supplies critical EPA and DHA nutrients

• Supports normal immune response and antioxidant levels

• Promotes normal eye, skin, and joint health

• Promotes emotional well-being

• Supports general wellness

• lift mental clarity and focus

• Provides a surge of energy

• Increases mental fitness, cognitive alertness, and physical acuity

• Enhances athletic performance and endurance

• Boosts energy and serves as a daily pick-me-up

• Promotes emotional and self-renewal

• Re-establish a positive energy flow throughout the body, and bring a sense of balance and harmony that attracts love and joy

• Helps relax and calm one’s thoughts and feelings prior to bedtime.

• Brings a sense of balance and harmony

• Helps maintain mental acuity and focus and support mood by uplifting and encouraging positive energy in times of restlessness and unease, supports a positive outlook and restful sleep, facilitates the release of negative emotions, helps ground mind, body and spirit.

• Supports memory function and overall cognitive health

• Aids the body’s natural response to irritation and injury… has natural cleansing and purifying properties • Supports normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort.

• Helps to restore mental alertness when experiencing fatigue

• Use it to clarify thought and develop greater focus

• Promotes deep sense of relaxation and emotional well-being • Supports healthy immune function

• These ingredients have been shown to support healthy cell function and encourage joint health and fluid movement.

• For daily health maintenance, replace your least nutritious meal with Balance Complete. For weight management programs, replace two daily meals with Balance Complete • Formulated to support a healthy and balanced endocrine system

If you need more information or want to know how to enjoy Young Living, contact me at  I am happy to assist and answer your questions.  If someone brought you to this link, get back with that person.


Blessings, Shirleen Biblical Health Educator


What Toxic Chemicals Are In Your Cleaning Products?

Is your home full of toxic chemicals and poison?

The average American home can have as much as 100 pounds of environmentally harmful products in the basement, garage, and other storage areas.  Look for labels that read: “Danger,” “Warning,” ” “Toxic,”  “Flammable,” or “Poison.”  These product labels tell you that they are harmful and tell you how to store and use them, yet we sometimes buy them and use them when we could make our own products at home, made with natural ingredients.  At least you decide what goes into your product and what doesn’t.  And, yes they do work.

You see, commercial air fresheners, disinfectants, and cleaners of all kind found in your kitchen and bathroom storage cabinets may be far more dangerous than you think.  As an example, when you mix bleach with ammonia, you get a toxic fume cloud that is very dangerous to breath.

All Purpose Cleaners and Ammonia

All purpose cleaners often contain ammonia, which is an irritant that has been linked to liver and kidney damage.  Bleach can burn the skin and eyes.  Oven cleaners can cause chemical burns and emit toxic fumes.  The American Association of Poison Control Centers reports that more than 120,000 children under the age of five were involved in household cleanering incidents.

Know what you are buying. Then, if you decide to make you own products, you can learn quickly how easy, how affordable, and how effective they can be.  They clean as well or better, most of the time, than the costly and toxic products you purchase.

Natural Pest Control Spray

Products that you purchase for pest control may also be eliminated.  To rid bugs, including cockroaches and spiders from my home, I spray the entire house with a mixture of peppermint and cypress essential oil (about 10-15 drops of each), and fill up the 4 ounce spray bottle with water and add about a tablespoon or two of witch hazel.  I spray once a week until the critters leave and then about every month or so.   Be careful not to spray on animals or children since peppermint is a strong oil.  If using a larger bottle, just increase the amount of essential oil, water, and witch hazel as needed.  I never store this mixture in a plastic bottle.  I use a metal spray or glass spray bottle for this pest control spray.  If you spray once a week for a couple of weeks and still see pests, mix the spray again and increase the essential oils to 20 drops of each.  The pests don’t like the smell, and they leave, naturally.

Spray the pest control on the baseboards and in closets and cabinets.  I don’t worry about anything in the cabinet, since the spray has oils I use anyway. I would advise leaving the kids and pets out of the room for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes or so, the smell will diminish. Remember, animals, especially dogs have noses that pull in smells at a rate no human can do, so it may irritate their nose.  I have sprayed a lighter spray with my dog in the house, if she were in the other room. If you can’t remove the dog and small children, just spray one room at a time and close the door.  Later do another room.  That way you can keep the pets and kids at bay for a little while.

These natural essential oils are great to breath, but this spray can be a bit strong at first.

 Natural Cleaning Ingredients and Benefits

These products are inexpensive and natural , and you control what goes in them.  You can safely create your own household cleaners and save money.

Do your own research to find out more information. Also, check out PUBMED for medical research studies.

Click on this link to the PUBMED website to research essential oils.  Just type in the name of the essential oil in the search box, and you can find thousands and tens of thousands medical studies


Then research many other essential oils to see for yourself how amazing these oil really can be.


Baking Soda is a great natural cleaner.

It can be used to scrub, whiten, deodorize, cut grease, and absorb odors.

Castle Soap-a vegetable based soap commonly used in DIY products.

Fels Naptha Heavy Duty Laundry Bar-has long been used because of its amazing cleaning properties.

Vinegar-kills germs, cuts grease, deodorizes and dissolves mineral deposits.

*Please note that vinegar by itself will turn brass tub and sink fixture, so be careful.  For tubs and sink cleaning, I mix baking soda and lemon essential oils (about 10 drops to a cup of baking soda).

Please check out my other DIY recipes on this website.  Click on the DIY category.

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God Bless, Shirleen S. Biblical Health Educator

PS: I pray that you will be blessed everyday with a clean smelling home.  You were drawn to this website for a reason.  Follow God and follow the plan he has for your life.


Young Living’s Purity Promise


I don’t know about you, but Young Living’s Seed-to-Seal promise is just what I am looking for when purchasing an essential oil.   I trust the company, and I depend on them to continue to produce the best oils on the market today, all 100% pure therapeutic grade.  And, if you are still skeptical, you  can visit the farms and see first hand what they do.  Many help in the harvest yearly.

Seed Potential-verified for potential

Young Living’s believes and practices expert evaluation and partners with top researchers.

Young Living essential oils have proven potency and are selected for ability

Sustainable Methods

Gary Young, founder of Young Living, is dedicated to responsible growing and harvesting methods.  His attention to quality is unmatched and exceptional.

Superior Quality

Young Living experts travel and verify processes

Young Living provides ongoing oils that meets Young Living’s quality standards

Innovative Approaches

Young Living combines ancient and modern techniques when creating essential oils, ancient grains, and other products.  Re-discovering how the ancient peoples did things, Young Living experts have helped bring this forgotten knowledge to the forefront.  And, research is now proving that these ancient methods work.

Young Living’s proprietary techniques allow for gentle extracting of essential oils.

Cold pressing is used for select oils such as citrus oils which are extracted from the rind of the citrus.

Young Living never accepts diluted, cut, or adulterated oils.  They test in i-house labs and through third party facilities.  Their testing methods ensure superior results and purity.

Young Living farms use a process known as steam distillation to separate aromatic constituents (essential oils) om plant materials. This advanced method is used to protect the complex aromatic compounds found in essential oils. Review Young Living’s Seed to Seal seed-to-seal-handout

Young Living handles their products with car and bottles and labels them carefully.  Products are shipped to members worldwide.

Click here to review Young Living Farms  farms-handout

Shirleen Sando







Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator

Why NingXia?

ningxia-kit-june15The answer to why NingXia is an easy one.  The reason I enjoy drinking NingXia Red is because of the amazing superfruits this little drink has in it.  I quickly get a bounty of nutrients from fruits that are difficult to get any other way.

My favorite way to drink NingXia is to pour a pouch in a glass and add 1 drop of Young Living’s 100% therapeutic lemon essential oil.  The taste is amazing. It gives me energy.  I feel better all day long.  It just works.

NingXia Red is one of Young Living’s most popular wellness supplements. It’s a nutrient-rich drink infused with antioxidant-providing superfruits and powerful essential oils. NingXia Red contains vital nutrients that may be missing or low in many modern diets and that could be the key to experiencing abundant wellness and energy. It is the perfect way to start the day.  Please watch the video and see what you think.  Sign up for my free newsletter and get started with healthy living.




Blessings, Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator


Relief At Last!

Sometimes it is just easier to purchase a product, if it is chemical free and one you trust, than it is to make it.  And, some just aren’t interested in making DIY.

This over the counter pain relief, Cool Azul©, provides cooling relief from minor muscle and joint aches, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains.  This cream works on contact and contains no harsh chemicals as most pain relief cream do.  With recognized active ingredients, this over the counter pain relief cream is something you should try.  Young Living added the essential oils to the cream so the product offers a unique topical analgesic that is infused with Young Living’s 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and other plant-based ingredients for effective temporary relief.

After a visit to the gym or an afternoon on the go, reach for Cool Azul Sports Gel,


Contains 13 distinct essential oils such as Aloe vera hydrates and over 10 milliters of essential oils in every bottle, Essential oils include these amazing oils:





Tea tree




Blue cypress


Dorado Azul

Caraway seed


Click on this link to learn more  cool-azul-marketing-flyer

This is a great cream to use after a work out.  Young Living continues to make so many amazing new products.  I love this one as well as the others.  Let me know what you think of this new product.

Shirleen Sando







Blessings, Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator

Biblical Oils in the Bible

Sando MLM SuccessIf we look back to Biblical days, people carried and used essential oils all the time.  Of course, no one believes they had distillers as we do today, but most would agree that they pressed the oils out of plants for everyday use.   In the Book of Genesis, Adam and Eve were placed in an amazing garden filled with wonderful flowers, trees, and others plants.  Why would God place his creations, human beings, in a garden?  Perhaps it was because a garden is full of awesome scents that we know today support our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

For more information about Biblical oils, a great reference is Dr. David Stewart’s book Healing Oils of the Bible.

In the Bible there are over 600 references to essential oils and other aromatic plants.  The Hebrew word for anointing means to rub or massage a person with oil, and that oil was essential oils probably mixed with fatty or carrier oils.  I still like to mix my essential oils with a carrier oil.  Some believe that a carrier oil helps seal the essential oil in since it absorbs slowly.  A carrier oil does not dilute the essential oils.  It just helps them sink into your skin at a slower rate.  And, it makes your oils last a lot longer.

These blends are the ones we use in our household.  However, do your own blends and mix up what is right for you.  Remember that citrus oils such as lemon, lime, or orange are not to be used while in the sun.  Use them at night but avoid them in the daytime.

Hot Oils:

Some essential oils are hot to the skin, and some are more sensitive than others.  Cinnamon and all oils in the cinnamon family can be hot and may irritate your skin.  Peppermint is hot to some people.  Just use less oil and more carrier oil. For example, if I add clove essential oil to a blend, I seldom use more than 1 drop per roller bottle.  Clove is an especially strong oil.  Cinnamon is another one that I would only add 1 drop.  I try to stick with milder oils when making blends for everyday use.

Below the roller blend recipes, I have included some roller blends that are good for perfume.

Be creative and come up with your own creations as well.

downloadAnointing in the Bible

True anointing has been mainly lost to the modern world.

Jesus’ feet were anointed with oils such as Spikenard, Luke 7:36:50 and John 12:, 1-8.

Roller Blends:

Essential oils are used in so many ways these days, but one of the most popular is to mix essential oils with your favorite carrier oil and place the contents in a roller ball.  I love this method because the roller balls are so easy to just roll on my feet at night or during the day, I roll my favorite blend on the back of my neck,  wrist, or where ever I need them.

I want to share some of my favorite roller ball blends with you.

  • You will need your favorite essential oils.
  • Amber colored roller bottles with the roller ball and cap
  • Your favorite carrier oil

Just place about 20 drops of your favorite essential oil into the 10 ml roller bottle.  Fill up with a carrier oil.  Apply the roller ball top.  Place the cap on the bottle.

There are hundreds of blends you can make with essential oils.  Here are some of my favorites.  I will add to this list from time to time, so check back.  Sometimes I use a blend in the roller blend recipes, but most of the time I just use essential oils that are just the oil without an added carrier.  All essential oil blends have a carrier oil added to them.

Essential oils are good to replace many of your over-the-counter products.  Use them wisely and safely. And, I only recommend 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.

Oils and Small Children

I would only use essential oils on small children if tiny doses and only then when mixed with a carrier oil.  I would avoid them on babies.  Some oils are very strong and some are more mild and for everyday use.  Study essential oils and learn how they work and what the safety precautions associated with oils.  Read labels, and follow the advice on them.

Therapeutic Grade essential oils are the only ones I ever recommend.

Roller Blend Recipes:


Stress Away Blend (adults)

5 drops stress away essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops of orange essential oil

5 drops ylang ylang

carrier oil of your choice


Tummy Issues (adults)

15 drops of peppermint essential oil

5 drops Dizige  (or ginger)

carrier oil of your choice


Sleepy Time (adults)

10 drops vetiver essential oil

5 drops orange essential oil

5 drops Stress Away or vanilla, optional

5 drops cedarwood essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil

carrier oil of your choice


Cuts and Scrapes (adults)

10 drops lavender essential oil (make sure it is 100% therapeutic grade before apply to cuts and scrapes)

10 drops purification essential oil

carrier oil of your choice

I don’t like to put an oil with purification in it on small children since they may decide to lick it off.  Be safe with your oils.

Focus (teens-adults)

20 drops peppermint essential oil

carrier oil of your choice


Calming Blend (teens-adults)

10 drops frankincense

5 drops lavender

5 drops orange


For Bruises (adults)

10 drops lavender

5 drops cypress

5 drops frankincense


Motion Sickness (teens-adults)

10 drops peppermint essential oil

10 drops ginger essential oil

carrier oil of your choice


Essential Oil Perfume Roller Ball Bottles

Add oils to a 10 ML rollerball bottle with carrier oil.

Winter Time (Boost the Immune)

2 drops cinnamon essential oil

4 drops clove essential oil

5 drops orange essential oil

5 drops lemon essential oil

5 drops melaleuca essential oil

3 drops oregano essential oil

Joyful Song

5 drops ylang ylang essential oil

3 drops lemon  essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops frankincense essential oil

Soft and Sweet

5 drops ylang ylang essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil

3 drops patchouli essential oil

2 drops orange essential oil


Floral Fresh

5 drops grapefruit essential oil

2 drops lemon essential oil

1 drop lavender essential oil

2 drops orange essential oil

3 drop ginger essential oil


Fruity Fruit

2 drops ylang ylang essential oil

5 drops frankincense essential oil

2 drops lavender or lime essential oil


Relax and Refresh

10 drops patchouli essential oil

3 drops grapefruit essential oil

8 drops ylang ylang essential oil

5 drops lavender essential oil



Shirleen S., Biblical Health Educator




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Just imagine what your life would be like if you were receiving this kind of income.  How many people could you help?  How many organizations could you help?  How many churches could you help?  Imagine all the good you could do in the world.  Some Young Living members just like to use the amazing therapeutic grade oils.  Others are interested in earning free oils every month.  That was my first goal.  When I reached that goal (within 3 months), I set my goals higher, and I am working to reach them.  Some members start out with a goal of being a Royal Crown Diamond–awesome.  Just set your mind on that goal.  Write it down.  Plan how you will do it.  Then set out to achieve that goal.  Look at that written goal everyday.  Speak it out loud, everyday.  Study conscious language.  Then just keep moving forward.  Follow your plan.  Never get discouraged.  Never give up.  When you give up, you know what you get?  That’s right?  Nothing.  Achievers are the winners in this world.  Be an achiever.  If you wish to work with me, please contact me.


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Shirleen Sando, Young Living Distributor # 1220898

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Never, ever give up! Never.






I love to make my own hand scrubs, cleaners, and all sorts of DIY products.  This handscrub is especially hardy and works on the grimmest hands.  Mix the sugar with almond or grapeseed oil or really any carrier oil of your choice.  Add the 20 drops of lemon essential oil.  Combine all in a mason jar or canning jar of your choice.  For that matter, you can use any glass jar that has a tight fitting lid.

Lemon oil is a powerful cleaner.  The carrier oil will help get  hands clean as well as leaving them soft and smooth.  The sugar loosens dead skin cells that tend to hang out.  Try it.  You’ll like it.  Let me know how this works for you.

A note about carrier oils.

You can substitute any carrier oil such as coconut oil, apricot oil, or  any vegetable oil.  Don’t put off making DIY products because you don’t have something in your home.  You can change the kind of carrier oil used in most recipes as well as the essential oils used.  However, keep in mind that lemon cleans away dirt and grime, so with this recipe, I would recommend using the lemon essential oil.  If you don’t have lemon on hand, try orange essential oils.

Different oils for different purposes:

Lavender is an amazing oil, but may not clean dirt away as well as lemon oil does.  Also, the kind of carrier oil or essential oil you use in a DIY recipe will depend on your plans for the final products.  If making a cleaner for my face, I would want a higher quality carrier oil than I might use on my hands.  The same with essential oils.  Many have similar properties, but they also have slightly different purposes.  Lavender, often called the kind of oils, is versatile and has thousands of uses.  Other essential oils are stronger and would be used in different ways.  Educate yourself on the basic oils.  Follow blogs such as this one to learn how to use the oils.  I will continually post DIY recipes as well as tips and advice on the basic ways to use essential oils.

Shirleen Sando


Blessings, Shirleen, Young Living Independent Distributor ID # 1220898

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Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator

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Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator

Independent Young Living distributor  ID # 1220898

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Blessings, Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator


 print-lavender-2We’ve all heard that sugar is bad for us, unhealthy, poison…well, when it comes to applying sugar to  your skin, sugar does amazing things.  Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid which breaks down the protein that keeps dead cells on your skin.  When you remove dead skin cells, your skin will glow with radiant new cells.  As a precaution, it is advised that you test your skin prior to scrubbing your entire face with a homemade sugar scrub or a bought one for that matter.  Apply to a small area and wait 24 hours.  If no reaction appears on your skin or face, then you should feel fairly comfortable using the scrub.  These scrubs do contain natural ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals.

Some bloggers suggests that if you have very sensitive skin, then perhaps exfoliate with oatmeal instead of sugar.  Of course, never use any scrubs on irritated skin or wounds.

My first sugar scrub was given to me by my friend San.  Thanks San for starting me on this wonderful journey.  Make your friend a sugar scrub today.  It is a wonderful gift.

Homemade sugar scrubs are very inexpensive, easy to make, and when presented in attractive jars make great gifts.  I like to tie a ribbon around the jar rim to make these jars even more attractive.  Be creative.

Most sugar scrubs are made with organic unrefined coconut oil, but since some in our family are allergic to coconut oil, I often use grapeseed oil or apricot oil.  It really depends on who I am making the oil for and who will be using it.  I have used olive oil when making sugar scrubs, but the olive oil is rather heavy and can rest too long on the skin.

I also choose the essential oils I use carefully and consider who will be using the product.  If I know a friend loves lavender essential oil as I do, I would try to use lavender in the blend.  If I wanted to give the sugar scrub as a gift to a friend who loves orange essential oil, I would try to work that into the mixture.  Experiment and have fun.

Fruits are fun to add to sugar scrubs.  However, the scrubs will not last as long and would need to be kept in the refrigerator.  When I add fruit, I make small batches and try to use them right away.  Fruit scrubs help get rid of dead skin as well as exfoliating.  They also contain natural vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin.

My preference is to use 100% Therapeutic Grade essential oils instead of fresh fruit since the essential oil sugar scrub blends will last longer.

Most scrubs can be made using about ¾ cup of carrier oil such as coconut, grapeseed, or apricot, to about 1 cup of sugar.  I have used up to 1 ½ cups sugar, so adjust the amount you need, depending on the carrier oil used and the other ingredients used in the mixture.  If the mixture is too sandy, it may be difficult to apply.  Just play with it until you get the consistency you like.

For darker colored scrubs, use brown sugar. Brown sugar makes some very attractive sugar scrubs.

TIP: I avoid using any sugar scrubs while in the shower.  The oil will make your tub slippery.  I apply the scrub and then wipe off the excess with a dry washcloth.  Then I take my shower.  Even then, be sure to use a shower mat, since some oil will still get in the tub.   Clean the tub with baking soda mixed with a drop or two of lemon essential oil to get rid of any oil left in the tub.  I use this baking soda/lemon essential oil to clean my bathtubs and sinks all the time.  It makes a great and wonderfully smelling tub and sink cleaner.

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

½ cup apricot oil

1 cup organic sugar, refined

10 drops of 100% therapeutic grade grapefruit essential oil (this essential oil like all citrus based essential oils is phototoxic so do not apply prior to going in the sun)

2 drops of 100% therapeutic grade orange essential oil

Mix the oil with the sugar.  Add essential oils.  Pour into attractive jars.

Lavender Sugar Scrub

1/2 cup organic coconut oil

½ cup grapeseed oil or apricot oil

1-1/2 cups organic sugar refined

20 drops 100% therapeutic grade lavender essential oils

8 drops of 100% therapeutic grade frankincense essential oil

Whip the coconut oil until soft.  Add the grapeseed or apricot oil.  Add the lavender and frankincense essential oils.

Apply to skin and rinse well.  Avoid using these scrubs in the shower or tub since they will make the tub slippery.

Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator



How many teflon skillets have you used, thrown away, bought a new one, used it for a while and then tossed it for another newer, fancier one, and before long, you see the ragged, scratched inside of the skillet again.  Rats!  Get the teflon out of your kitchen, out of your life.  The Environmental Working Group has an article showing the 6 reason to skip-non-stick- teflon and the dangers associated with teflon.  Read and then get those teflon skillets out of your kitchen for good.

Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator





You’ve been waiting for this…

We heard your call.  So, we are hosting a Wellness and Raindrop class free in Jonesboro, Arkansas.   Massage Therapists and anyone who wants to watch a FREE Raindrop demonstration needs to sign up for this class.

Place: St. Bernard’s Hospital, Annex

225 East Jackson, Jonesboro, Arkansas

Date: October 1, 2016

Time: 10-4

Shirleen and Anthony Stewart (Director of CARE) will host the FREE class.  If you are in the area, please join us.  Awesome !



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How can my child benefit from oil, all day?  Purchase a diffuser necklace or bracelet for your child.  They can then breathe in the benefits of essential oils throughout the day, without anyone noticing.   My friend gave me  a diffuser necklaces, and I  love to wear it.

Order your diffuser necklace today.  Keep your child happy while at school.

Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator




I diffuse essential oils almost daily.  At the present time, lavender is diffusing in my home.  At the office, I often diffuse either peppermint, lavender, lemon, or joy.  Diffusing essential oils into the air is my favorite way to use the oils.  Those tiny molecules floating into the air are breathed in and transported to your limbic system-the brain’s center of emotion, learning and memory.  Yes, I would definitely diffuse essential oils during study time.


Blessings, Shirleen Sando, Biblical Health Educator

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